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That which was Hidden Shall Be Revealed


Arcane's new colaboration with David Starfire and Ram Dass


Meditation by Ram Dass
Music by David Starfire
Appears on Soul Land Records
Presented Love Serve Remember Foundation

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to Ram Dass's channel)

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The Services

Arcane Realities 

We can bring your dreams to reality 

Blending creativity with strategy, offering end-to-end services in conceptualization, design, technology, and production for both entertainment and corporate sectors. Whether functioning independently or collaborating seamlessly with external production units, our goal remains consistent – to deliver unparalleled results for every show. Beyond our dedication to providing premier services, we pride ourselves on fostering and producing unique intellectual properties and concepts. Leveraging cutting-edge innovations, we ensure our client projects are always a step ahead.

3d Content Creation 

Domeshow previs


Full Domeshow creation

Immersive Show concept Design

Full Immersive Show creation

VR experience

Show conceptual design

Web Series 

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Scene 1 of Ai Divine - reworked 

Official Selection of Fulldome UK 


watch in VR headset / set highest resolution

Ai Divine

the first of 9 movies that layout the 

Arcanum saga 

Step thru the stargates in the 

search for Gaia's 

Heartshard as our

Hero battles for our world.