That which was Hidden Shall Be Revealed

Storyboard Dome Render

All Models and Scenes will get incorporated into new Domeshows

in progress

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Real Time Visuals

Storyboard 2D



Step out of the Matrix and Enter the Real


The Shows

Dome Shows


Subscription model for Planetarium's

Tour new emerging immersive tech, mini-dome Cave systems




3D Immersive Worlds and Interactive Play SpaceS

Each Show can potentially be different offering repeat viewings

Real-time controls of Avatars and camera leading to God Battles and unique pathways thru the landscape.

Each Biome/AVATAR will have controllable elements that activate upon entering the temple spaces.

Audience participation thru phone and auditory capture of chanting and toning from particiapants - Infared capture of heat signature (use phones as heavy heat source to map particles to person waves it  around and draws particle streams mapped into the scene.

Creation Tools

Virtual Reality


Game Experiences, - VR Archery PVP maps

Consciousness Enhancing Applications,  Immersive Live Events utilizing new platforms 

We use Unreal Engine for a vast majority of our work. Our current R&D has it at the center of our production pipeline . With it once we get the tools laid out below we estimate that we will be able to create 3 Domeshows a year minimum at a very high production level with associated VR Flythroughs and Game Experieces . Our Level 2 reality involves real-time Domeshows with audience interactions and multiple pathways thru the experience opening up for repeat viewings of the event as each one has the potential of being very different. We seek to create a real-time game enviroment to do our content creation in - with game U.I so we can create at the speed of games - so many of the current toolsets in most content creation tools seem locked in the past with these miniscule improvements each 6 months. We would like to create more Metatools - ones that deal with arrays , with systems , in a fluid dynamic way. Where you can create 10 presets in the time it normally took to manually enter 3 different numbers the old way . Where you can organize ,retrieve, and manipulate any asset from any project instantly and push any changes back to one or all projects using that asset. Never do the same work more than once .

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