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Enter the First Realm




Branding for Domeshows and packaged into

a gallery for Steam 

Consciousness Enhancing Applications

 VR meditation modules , Energy work learning ,

Spiritual tech training

 Level 2 - Real World Chambers loaded with healing tech

red light therapy - Pemf - Brain Stim/A.I interactions.

                                                       Contact for more info 


Immersive Live and Online Music Events

Live interactive experiences - audience participation,

play spaces , live club AR experiences, Online Club- concert applications



VR Experience

1_Arcne Logo card.jpg

Game Experiences

The Arcanum - a fast paced gameplay that pits you against the forces of Evil.archonic elements that strive to prevent you from gaining mana points and Ascending to the next stage of being . 

Real-time tool for Visual Performances

Ascension Chamber Protocols for Human Enhancement Activation

         - (Reall World Chambers for Healing and               Mind Expansion )

MODDING enabled for Live Events/ Projection Mapping .

Archery PVP /pro circuit

Multiple levels with a variety of styles of locomotion and maps . Setable parameters for a wide variety of game mechanics to sculpt your game to fit your mood


The Arcanum

A glimpse into the wonders of the First Realm



VRARExR is in its nascent form and still it is showing us its power to immerse and create wonder in the User. We believe it will be one of the greatest tools for self discovery and accelerating human consciousness that humanity has witness since the creation of fire . We will help shape the development of this new reality by building tools and experiences that help the User create at the speed of thought and harmonize thier core essence so they can live a greater more fullfilled life .