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Eco Art Spirit Lodge

Eco Lodge / Spiritual Awakening Center /VR Ascention Warrior training camps

ection 1: Eco Lodge

  • Objective: Create an environmentally friendly lodge to accommodate guests visiting the spiritual awakening center and VR ascension warrior training camps.

Budget: $1,500,000 Timeframe: 12-18 months

1.1 Land Acquisition and Permits 1.2 Architectural Design and Planning 1.3 Sustainable Building Materials 1.4 Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources 1.5 Rainwater Harvesting and Greywater Recycling 1.6 Natural Landscaping and Permaculture Garden 1.7 Waste Management and Recycling Systems 1.8 Furnishing and Interior Design

Section 2: Spiritual Awakening Center

  • Objective: Develop a center offering programs and workshops that promote spiritual growth, personal development, and holistic well-being.

Budget: $750,000 Timeframe: 12-18 months

2.1 Facility Design and Construction 2.2 Hiring of Instructors and Healers 2.3 Course Curriculum Development 2.4 Marketing and Promotions 2.5 Program Coordination and Management 2.6 Meditation and Yoga Spaces 2.7 Integration of Nature and Outdoor Activities 2.8 Community Building and Networking

Section 3: VR Ascension Warrior Training Camps

  • Objective: Establish immersive virtual reality training camps to develop mental, physical, and emotional resilience through cutting-edge technology.

Budget: $1,000,000 Timeframe: 12-24 months

3.1 VR Technology and Equipment 3.2 Training Facility Design and Construction 3.3 VR Content and Simulation Development 3.4 Hiring of Trainers and Technicians 3.5 Course Curriculum Development 3.6 Marketing and Promotions 3.7 Integration of Mindfulness and Personal Growth Techniques 3.8 Assessments and Continuous Improvement

Total Budget: $3,250,000 Total Timeframe: 24-36 months

Future Designs


Conceptual Designs