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from Arcane Realities llc

Books , Domeshows

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sacred ascension temple waterfalls

Bring your Visions to Life

Defcon 2023 conference trailer
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the Singularity  : Dawning of the 6th Age
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Dome Shows


Pre-rendered and Real-time 

3D Immersive Worlds and Interactive Play space

Flythru's, Game Experiences, Consciousness Enhancing Applications,  Immersive Live Events

Real Time Content Creation

Tools - Game Interfaces for Editor features - Create at the speed of thought


A collection of Projects we've created with passion


Arcane Realities is creating Art out of Light. Photonic manifestations that Immerse, Astound and Awaken the Experiencer to new levels of Awareness. We are on the cusp of a great leap in Content Creation Technologies and We are looking to be involved in the creation of the next tools set to allow artists to create at the speed of thought . Game interfaces for all real-time tools - higher array modules for controlling systems not the granular methods of today that are better suited for engineers to artists. Real-time fully immersive metamorphic actualities  that seek to propel the User into Higher States of Enhanced Consciousness. Fusing Ancient Wisdom with Future Science we seek to create content that inspires and enlightens the next generation of Cyber-Shamanic Warriors.

sacred symbol se4ed of life flower of life
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