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Archery PVP pro circuit

the Arcanum PVP Game

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The Arcanum

Every 25,000+ years Earth completes another revolution of the Great Year. As we move into this new area of the Universe ancient sacred sites come to life and the Veil between worlds begins to dissolve. Stargates activate and travelers both Light and Dark begin to travel to this plane of existence . Ancient Enemies begin to hear that the Earth Realm is open once more. Magical relics, totems and the whole cornucopia of Earth’s magical traditions slowly turn on . The Old Gods awaken , some seeking to regain their former glory while others though having lost a lot of their power have stayed alive and have manipulated Humanity from the Shadows begin to grow strong again as the Magical current long drained from our World is restored. Last cycle Earth’s defenses were badly damaged - Gaia’s Heart was shattered and the shards flung across the Multiverse , Earth was plunged into darkness and it took 10,000 years to recover to push back the Darkness. By that time we had left that area of the galaxy , the Magic seeped away from the Earth and the Veil grew solid once more. Now as the Veil is fading a group of Heroes and Rogues , old Gods and New, band together to search through the Multiverse to recover the lost Shards and restore Gaia’s heart . They will travel through different dimensions, search strange otherworld cultures, meet beings of immense power, learn the tools needed to not only save the Earth but also learn to Ascend to the next stage of Human Evolution. The must travel thru the Wyrd , defeat the enemies without and within – gather the Crystals and restore the Heart of the World so that Humanity may finally rise up and evolve to the next phase of our Galactic Journey.

The Arcanum - is a fast paced gameplay that pits you against the forces of Evil Archonic beings that strive to prevent you from gaining mana points and Ascending to the next stage of being . 


Learn real world useful tools that will strengthen your mind body and soul  that will help you as you deal with the chaos of the world today


Archery PVP /pro circuit/Defenders of the Realm (Working Title)

Multiple levels with a variety of styles of locomotion and maps . Setable parameters for a wide variety of game mechanics to sculpt your game to fit your mood. Pro features that amp up the games intensity and skill level . Fight against others , A.I or team up and battle wave after wave in hyper dynamic enviroments as you journey thru the  Multiverse in search of the ultimate magical Shard . Win Glory as you climb the leaderboards and rank with the top  Defenders of the Realm