House of Magic : Studio City Macau China

"An intimate, two-hour, live experiential presentation," Franz Harary's "House of Magic" is an immersive experience "designed by a magician, for magicians." Visitors to the new, $40-million venue, will be treated to brand new, large-scale magical illusions, including: shrinking motorcycles; cars appearing from nowhere, and members of the audience being levitated and teleported to distant locations. .


Part of a $3.4 Billion dollar entertainment complex and the largest magic theater in the world, with screen size of 100ft x 20 ft led wall. The House of Magic is getting rave reviews and entertaining audiences with its cutting edge experience.


NEW 2016

3D ANAGLYPH Stereoscopic Render for 2 of the Digital Sets created

(Anaglyph (Red and Blue- old school glasses needed to get 3D effect)

The largest anaglyph animation for a live performance in the largest Magic Theater on the Planet



3D ANAGLYPH Stereoscopic Render : The Cube

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Check out the Interview by Franz Harary for the new $40 million dollar Magical Theater being built in Macau, China that I am providing all the visuals for a 1 1/2 hr show on 100ft by 20ft video wall plus assorted visuals thruought the complex.

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