Hawaiian Myth Projection Mapping Light Show 2016 Proposal

Hawaiian Myth Story

( Like current story of Waikiki )


Main Pool (4 projectors)

  1. Create 3d map                                                              $1500-$2500
    1. Storyboard $5000 (goes towards final cost above)

    2. Story – Hawaiian myth (6 min)                               $50,00-$60,000


                                                                                 Total $51,500-$60,000



Rumfire Wall (3 projectors) (6 min)


1.) Create 3d map                                                            $1000

2.) Story – Hawaiian myth                                                 $10,000- $20,000


                                                                                  Total $11,000-$20,000




(The price range will be determined by the storyboard as well as the cost for the creation of the 3D MAP necessary to project content correctly. This will be determined once I can access the system and determine what

Projection Mapping 5-6 min show

(projection mapping content entails making the surface come alive with geometric effect

and an assortement of going into new worlds and making the surface come alive)


Main Pool (4 projectors)


1 Create 3d map                                                     $1500-$2500

(not needed if done for Myth Show)

2 Projection Mapping show 5 mins with sound track       $15,000

includes vj mix 30 min loop ( no sound track)

3 Ambient long form

( interesting ambient content                                      $5000

(extra possibility to create long form

content with no soundtrack for cool lighting

situations and general look filler)



Rumfire Wall (3 projectors)


1) Create Projection MAP                                          $1000

(not needed if done for Myth show)


2) Projection Mapping Show w Soundtrack                   $10,000

(song lisc. $500 for song included

any more price increases)

Includes vj mix ½ hr loop (no soundtrack)

3) Ambient long form (1hr)                                           $5,000

(extra possibility to create long form

content withtrack)




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