AdobeMax Vegas Oct 19

Event : ADOBEMAX  conference AFTER Party

Where : Vegas  

When  : Oct 19, 2017

Unreal Engine 4

I created  - 3 Chapters   - Which where fly thru's  , in the flavor of  Adobe's new logo treatments -  Fire , Smoke  and Acid  - and set within an Alice in Wonderland'sh world .  We chose the music and  animated using Unreal's  Sequencer  plugin . The speed of using this real time tool  allowed me to iterate extremely fast and take changes from the Client as they saw fully rendered sequences to comment on '

Adobe After Effects

I used After Effects to create supporting material and the new Mettle Mantra plugin

Mettle : Mantra plugin

The Mantra plugin is a new way of warping reality that creates extremely detailed and rich  creations . It allows you to fluidly manipulate your content with some amazing algorithms that fit nicely into the third Chapter ACID with its Avatar /Wonderland vibe 

Aja systems IO4k 

We used AJA systems IO 4k device to connect  my  2 Sager  NP9877's  with a 4K pipeline into the new Resolume 6 which was seemlessly able to take in that  data streem and merge it with other pre-rendered clips and beat reactive filters . 

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